How I got here

After graduating with first class honours in English + Creative Writing, I juggled two internships. One involved writing for a ski magazine, the other involved running creative writing workshops for kids. I loved them both, but the holes in my pockets started to expose flesh.

So I landed a job as a writer at London consultancy The Writer where I learnt a lot from some of the cleverest people I know. I did everything from writing, naming and tone of voice briefs, to projects that went deeper into the brand.

But in 2013, I decided to hit up freelanceville, and I've been hanging out here ever since.

Nowadays, from my co-working word-nerd studio (way) down under in New Zealand, the copywriter in me creates websites, brochures, blogs, and advertising and marketing campaigns for businesses in the UK, Australia and NZ.

While the consultant in me helps brands, big and small, suss out their identity and strategy, and find their unique tone of voice in one heck of a noisy world.

Fancy teaming up?

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