26 is an association for writers. And I’ve been involved with two of their writing projects.

26 Characters

In April 2014, 26 worked with The Story Museum in Oxford to produce 26 Characters, an interactive photographic exhibition in which famous children’s authors pose as their favourite characters.

As one of the writers, my job was to create a sestet (a 26-word poem) to accompany one of the photos in the exhibition. And my inspiration was Frances Hardinge dressed as the Scarlet Pimpernel.

I also wrote a blog about my favourite childhood character. And our sestets were published in a mini book available to buy at The Story Museum.

26 Throwaway Lines

At the end of 2011, I wrote a short story for Throwaway Lines – a project where me and 25 other writers were given a handwritten piece of paper that was found crumpled on the streets of London. We had to respond creatively to our note, and mine led me into a dystopia where abortion was the law.