Ulaan on your Feet

In the summer of 2014, I made up a quarter of a team that drove from London to Mongolia, through 20-odd countries, in a very tired 1992 Nissan Micra.

'Madness' I hear you say? Maybe. But that didn't stop us.

To drum up online support and attract sponsorship support, we needed a functional website and a fun logo. Cue our awesome designistrator friend Nigel Payne. And as for the words, that was all me.

Watch what a faff the visa process was here.

And after our adventure, two of our team mates used some of the rally footage to create this short video for a Qantas Airline competition. Unfortunately, they didn't win. But just look at that closing shot!

And if anyone was wondering how it went...

Despite being chased by territorial dogs, getting ambushed by some Ghenghis-Khaan wannabes, and having an 'oh shit is he gonna charge us' moment between our red car and an angry roaming bull, we survived... just!

And we got to see some pretty incredible scenery along the way.