Ulaan on your Feet

In the summer of 2014, I made up a quarter of a team that drove from London to Mongolia, through 20-odd countries, in a very tired 1992 Nissan Micra.

"Madness" I hear you say? Maybe. But that didn't stop us.

To make sure we got sponsorship support, we needed a functional website and a fun logo. Cue our awesome designistrator friend Nigel Payne. And as for the words, that was all me.

Watch what a faff the visa process was here.

And after our adventure, two of our team mates used some of the rally footage to create this short video for a Qantas competition. Unfortunately, they didn't win. But just look at that closing shot!


And if anyone was wondering how it went...

It was insane. Highlights include the altitude-sickness-inducing heights of The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan; the craggy mountains and run-after-your-car kids of Kyrgyzstan; and the sheer scenery surprises of Russia's Altai Mountains.

There was no horseback riding. But there was a lot of territorial dogs; an oh-shit-is-he-gonna-charge moment between our red car and a bull; and a night where we were ambushed by some wannabe-Ghenghis-Khaans!

But we made it with only memories scarring us for life.