Rangitata Rafts

Offering whitewater rafting adventures on some of New Zealand’s most remote and exhilarating rapids, Rangitata Rafts needed a website and sales brochure that did their day trips justice.

They also needed to express themselves in a way that reflected the Kiwi hospitality that’s at the heart of everything they do. So, before I put pen to paper, I got to know the team and the ins and outs of what makes the business so unique.

With a thorough understanding of who they are and what they offer, I structured the website, designing wireframes and developing the content strategy for each page. I then created all the copy for the website and sales brochure in a down to earth tone that aligned perfectly with who they are; as people and as a business.

You'll see some shots of the sales brochure below and you can check out the Rangitata Rafts website here built by Artikel & Swint. And if you're wondering what I'm like to work with, have a read of Darryn's testimonial.